Different Types of Plants That You Can Find in Arizona

Arizona is a state in the USA which is area wise the 6th largest state in the country.

In this small writeup, we shall discuss about 10 of the Arizona landscaping plants that are grown here.


This kind of plant can offer shade and also produce attractive flowers. They can be grown in various kinds of soil and under the sunlight too. They need watering to develop deep roots.


This plant has impressive leaves in various colors, size and texture. It is a useful plant and can tolerate both heat and cold and can be grown in any kind of soil. Flowers appear on this plant after 5 years of planting.

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There are many different forms of this plant found in Arizona. It also has flowers of different colors. You can grow them at home in a container and carry it anywhere.


It produces flowers in vibrant colors of the shades of red, yellow and orange colors. They are also called as bird of paradise. Their size can be from medium shrubs and will grow into a small tree.


These are shrubs of small to medium size having colors that range from pale pink to deep red which really gives a very beautiful appearance. This can be grown in many different kinds of landscape.


These are fast-growing type of tree and grow up to 25 feet with trumpet shaped flowers. Its different type of colors attracts various humming birds. Generally, these trees will bloom during the month of May to October.


This type of plant has very delicate textures and can tolerate hot summers of Arizona. Generally, it grows during winter till early spring season. Its flowers can have colors ranging from purple to yellow and attracts a variety of birds.


Few striking features of this plant is that it is glossy, ornamental and having dark green foliage.

This small to medium sized tree has flexible, zigzagged branches with fragrant and catkin-like spring flowers.


Due to its strong vertical form having its spectacular flower can make this clumping and evergreen perennial really an ideal plant for landscapes.


This plant is the best perennial for year-round color in this low desert. It produces sunny yellow and daisy-like flowers which blooms profusely during spring, and provide a splash of color during rest part of the year.