Different Types of Soils and Their Influence on Cannabis

If you read the Gardens of Cascade soil reviews for growing marijuana or cannabis, then you will know that the soil type plays a crucial role in the quality of cannabis. Getting it right can make a lot of difference in your success and failure.

Natural soil usually comes in 4 different varieties:

  • Sandy soil
  • Silt soil
  • Loam soil
  • Clay soil

Therefore, you may end up with nasty surprise by thinking that all soils are just the same as far as growing cannabis plants are concerned.

Most of the soils can be a combination of minimum 2 of the above 4 types, so you may have a combination like sandy/silty soil, loamy/clay soil, silty/clay soil and so on.

As if that is not confusing enough, you can also have different ratios of each and every type of soil. It is therefore important to consider pros and cons of each type of soil.

  • Sandy soils

If you look at sandy soil, then it will be of large granular size having lower pH value. This kind of soil will become dry very easily and often you will experience difficulty in absorbing moisture.

Its nutrients will get washed away too and particularly nitrogen gets quickly lost from these soils.

However, the plus points are, it can be easily prepared for cultivation, contains high level of oxygen and offers good drainage.

  • Silt soils

This kind of soil is composed of quartz and other fine organic particles. Though this soil can hold moisture, it also has decent drainage. It is easier to work when wet.

Silt soils are also most fertile and can produce decent-sized harvest. If you can irrigate the soil frequently then you can always extend the season length of growing. For seedlings too, silt soils are the best types of soil.

  • Loam soils

This soil will have combination of silt, sand and clay in the ratio of 40:40:20. Minimum 20% organic compounds are present that can be either too easy to work or extremely complex.

Commonly used as marijuana potting soil, having almost neutral pH value. It can offer water retention and good drainage and also contains high level of oxygen. However, it can be an expensive option.

  • Clay soils

Clay soils are often considered as the best organic soil meant for cannabis. Clay soil can easily be shaped or molded, but difficult to work and drains badly.

Clay soil also has a high pH value, and while stabilizing plants, it will need lots of overall effort.