Easy Ways to Enhance Your Garden Soil

Soil plays a pivotal role in growing plants. They provide essential nutrients, water and air. Moreover, soil is mainly needed to support and hold plant roots firmly to let plants grow fully. Soil is even known to be helpful to protect plants from rodents, pests and insects.

There are varied kinds of soil on the planet all helpful for plants to grow however not all contain the nutrients and essential qualities fully needed for prosperous greenery seen in plants. Thus, while you plan to grow plants in your garden, the need to have proper garden soil becomes essential.

Expert professional gardeners often give importance to maintain proper garden soil to grow any varieties of plants. They even give importance to protect the existing soil texture in garden by applying varied methods. This is because fertile soil is the key ingredient for lush garden. Now, you can’t maintain the fertility of the soil every time. Thus, there is a need to enhance the quality of garden soil as per the guidance of expert gardeners.

Here are the easy to do ways to enhance the garden soil:

  • You need to add organic elements.

Natural manure: The easily available ones are the livestock manure that can be used in dry form to make the soil rich with many nutrients. The need to add the manure in soil needs to be carefully done as inadequate proportions won’t help for the growth of plants. Moreover, frequently applied manure may result in inviting microbes not good for plant health.
Compost made from kitchen waste: Yes, it is the best way to recycle the waste you usually throw in garbage. While to make compost is easy, it takes considerable time for the waste material to decompose and become a good highly nutritious rich manure.
Vermi-composting is quite helpful as well: You need to activate earth worms to compose organic waste of your kitchen.  You just need worm bins to make the compost. The microorganisms present in the compost that aids in soil rejuvenate its lost nutrients in natural way.

  • Minerals:
  • While starting to plant your garden, the initial thing to consider is testing your soil. This will help to know the inefficiency proportions of mineral in the soil. The minerals usually must be present are calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and sulphur. You can add the required amount for plants good growth.
  • You need to apply mulch the soil texture: It mainly helps to retain the moisture, thus the soil doesn’t dry easily in hot days. Mulch aids in reducing weed or unwanted plant growths, thus soil is able to retain its nutrients.
  • Rotation of crop.
  • Surely it helps in safeguarding nutrients of soil and to get relief from pests and diseases that often affects the same species of plant.

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