Gardening 101: All You Need To Know About Soil Conditioners!

Gardening can be an expensive hobby, and you have to ensure that every plant gets the right amount of care and attention. From selecting location, deciding on sun exposure to spacing the plants and creating a schedule for watering, there are many aspects to take a note of, and with all that, you need to get the right nutrition for your plants. Soil conditioners, as the name suggests, is designed for the very purpose. Using potassium silicate for plants has many benefits, and in this post, we are discussing the basics about using soil conditioners.

The basics of soil conditioners

What exactly is a soil conditioner? In simple words, a soil conditioner is a premade mixture that’s meant to enrich soil- the primary requirement for growing healthy plants and vegetation. If the soil is not fertile enough or doesn’t contain the necessary nutrients, plant growth will be stunted. Today, soil conditioners are made from natural minerals, with nutrients that can be easily absorbed by plants.

How to use soil conditioners?

Most brands will mention the details for using their soil conditioners, but in general, the product has to be mixed with soil. You have to check how much of the mixture is required for one part of oil. If you go for a high-quality soil conditioner, you just need one part of it for about 10 parts of soil. The mixing has to be done right, and you have to water the plants after planting for the soil conditioner to work. Watering basically gets the conditioner activated, and this is something that must be done only for the first time.

Why use soil conditioners?

With soil conditioners, plants can actually access minerals from the soil easily. Plants will also absorb water better, without being waterlogged. Depending on the product you are using, the minerals of the conditioner will be available to plants immediately after watering. Minerals will be released at a very slow rate, which means that the nutrients will be available for the plants in the long run. If you are using the right soil conditioner, you won’t need to spend on additional supplements and other kinds of products that are required otherwise. Maintenance also gets easier with soil conditioners, and you will find a bunch of products to choose from, most of which use silica.

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