Grab Rails and Bars for the Safety of the Disabled and Elderly

Grab rails are highly useful disability aids for users who may require special assistance when it comes to smooth mobility with some degree of independence around their house, particularly the bathroom. They are often installed to assist the elderly, those recovering from illness or the disabled to encourage a lifestyle that is less dependent on a carer.

How are rails helpful?

  • Grab bars serve as a support aid to allow a person to stand up or sit down by transferring their body weight over to these bars thus resulting in less pressure on joints.
  • Provide a steady grip when switching positions.
  • Prevent a person from slipping when getting in and out of the shower or whilst in the shower.
  • Allow a user to maintain their independence and dignity especially when undertaking personal hygiene tasks within the comfort of their own bathroom in their own time and with privacy.

Different types

  • Straight

These wall-mounted rails run in one direction. They can be positioned vertically or horizontally or at a preferred angle. Horizontal rails help with standing up and sitting down while vertical ones help with shifting to a standing position.

  • Angled

This type of wall-mounted rail comes with an in-built angle. Generally, the lower portion is set horizontally and serves as a forearm support especially for those users who are experiencing a painful wrist or hand.

  • Floor to ceiling

These are vertical rails installed from the floor to the ceiling. Users can hold these grab rails along the length and these can be used anywhere in the home given that they are tension-mounted and don’t require any holes to be drilled for installation.

  • Suction

This type of Grab rails are affixed to the wall using strong suction cups. One advantage of this kind of Grab rails is their versatility; being portable and easy to carry for travel purposes. Whilst these are flexible and fairly adaptable, they do have their limitations; suction grab rails are not recommended for carrying the full body weight of a person.

  • Rails equipped with accessories

There are rails with extra features that can be used for multiple purposes such as towel holders, shelf to hold toiletries or a toilet roll holder.

  • Foldable

They are fixed to the wall or floor behind the toilet and can be folded down to a horizontal position. Foldable Grab rails are useful for wheelchair users or if the person uses a hoist.

  • Bath support

They are designed exclusively for use in the bathroom to prevent falls.  These disability aids help when standing in the bathroom or when moving in and out of the shower.

Grab rails give the elderly and disabled users extra confidence whilst using steps, toilets, shower or doorways whilst helping them maintain their independence, dignity and self-respect.