Is Now the Time to Add a Second Bathroom to Your Home?

Having only one bathroom in your home can be annoying. If you have a spouse who spends too much in the bathroom, or teenagers who are always in there pampering themselves, then you may find it frustrating having to wait. You may be considering installing a second or additional bathroom and wondering whether it’s the right choice. Here are some things to consider before you take the plunge.

Space you can use

The first step is usually to find a space in your house you can use for your bathroom. This could be:

  • A small spare bedroom
  • A corner of a bedroom that is partitioned off
  • Under the stairs
  • A utility room

You should think about what kind of facilities you want and how much space you’ll need for them. For example, if you just want a half bathroom with shower and toilet, this can fit into quite a small space, but a full bathtub will need much more room.

Budget for your project

Budgeting for your work is important, so once you decide what kind of thing you want, it’s worth finding bathroom renovation specialists North Shore to give you a quote. It might not cost as much as you think to get a bathroom installed. However, you may need to budget to have plumbing installed or for building work to be done.

Whether it’s practical

A new bathroom is a great addition, but it’s worth discussing whether it’s practical. You should consider whether you want to potentially lose some space in your home. Most people find that it’s worth doing so to because they need the extra bathroom but consider how much you’ll use it and whether it’ll be worth the cost.

The impact on house value

Selling your home in the next few years? It’s worth considering whether an extra bathroom could be a good investment. An additional bathroom can add value to your home, so it can be worth the initial cost to get a return in the long term. Especially if houses in your area only tend to have one bathroom, so an additional one will be a unique selling point.

If you’re sick of queuing for the bathroom, consider having a second one installed. It means you can have your own private sanctuary, or one that is just for the kids, so mornings are less stressful and there are no more bathroom-related arguments when people are taking their time.