What Are The Different Bath And Shower Aids Available For Disabled, Seniors And Elderly?

As the name suggests, bath aids are disability aids or independent living products that allow a disabled user to use the bathing and showering area independently, safely and confidently.

The following bath and shower aids are available for mobility-impaired users, seniors and elderly,

Grab Rails: Used in toileting and bath area to help the person remain steady on their feet by providing the extra support or grip that they require. Grab rails or grab bars can be mounted on the wall using a screw or suction cups and come in different levels of weight-bearing capacity.

Bath Boards: Bath boards are a safety aid that can be used to assist individuals with limited-mobility and disabled users to get in and out of a bathtub while in a seated position and remain seated while washing themselves. Generally built using PVC plastic, bath boards can come with soap holders and handles for added functionality.

Bath Steps: Bath steps are an elevated surface allowing users with limited leg muscle strength or movement to step in and out of a bath.

Bath or Shower Chairs: A seating option for users who don’t feel confident on their legs due to limited strength, balance problems or knee or hip replacement surgery. Come in options including fixed-height or height adjustable, smooth or textured surface, with or without cutout, swivel or non-swivel and with or without armrest.

Bath and Shower Stools: Where space is an issue a bath or stool can be used instead of a bath or chair. Come in options such as fixed or adjustable height, smooth or non-slip surface and padded or non-padded seats.

Bath Transfer Bench: This disability is a combination of a bath chair and a bath board.